High-Purity Silica Sand

Simplot’s silica sand mine in Overton, Nevada produces high-quality sand backed by outstanding customer service and reliable supply that meets the industry’s demands. The Overton mine has been in operation since 1927 with proven reserves to continue to supply our customers well into the future.

Our sand is more than 99% pure silica dioxide, which makes it well-suited to a large number of applications, from glass production to building products like grout, cement and insulation. With a shipping point in Overton, Nevada, Simplot is ideally located to deliver service to the Western United States and Mexico.

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Where You’ll Find Simplot Silica Sand

Two of our silica sand’s most prominent applications are glass making and grout. Simplot silica sand’s high purity provides the clarity required for windows and food packaging. In fact, all of the exterior windows in the Simplot Boise Headquarter building are made from silica sand mined in Overton.

Architectural silica

Architectural Glass

Construction innovation requires sustainable materials like Simplot silica sand. That’s why it is used in North American commercial and retail buildings.

Bottles glass silica

Glass Bottles

Simplot silica sand is used to manufacture glass beverage containers and food jars.

Automotive glass

Automotive Glass

Leading automobile suppliers trust the strength and clarity of Simplot silica sand for their products.

Insulation silica


Simplot high-quality silica sand is a key ingredient in fiberglass insulation used in residential and commercial construction building.

Construction sand silica

Building Products

From self-leveling concrete to grout, Simplot silica sand is a critical component of commercial and residential building products.

Simplot Silica Products

Our sand is more than 99% pure silica dioxide. This purity ensures a consistent, high-quality product for our customers who receive dependable, first-rate service.


Mining & Manufacturing in a Strategic Regional Landscape

The Simplot Silica Overton mine facility operates five days a week, 24 hours a day. With a shipping point in Overton, Nevada we are ideally located to service the Western United States and Mexico.
Simplot Silica Products
665 Simplot Road
PO Box 308
Overton, Nevada 89040
Silica Customer Service
Email: AB.JRS.Silica@Simplot.com
Phone: 800-832-8893


At the J.R. Simplot Company, we have a passion for people, demonstrated in our unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities in which we work. Simplot’s dedication to fostering a safe and healthy workplace actively involves all employees across the globe.

Simplot’s Overton Mine has an impressive safety record and has proudly received several Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) awards.


The J.R. Simplot Company is committed to delivering honest value through hard work, being loyal partners, and treating the Earth as a precious resource to be protected every day. From soil and sea to employees and partners, sustainability is woven into the fabric of our company. It drives us to find ways to produce more with less as we contribute to feeding the world’s growing population today and for generations to come.


We care deeply about the health and safety of our employees, partners, and communities where we operate.


We are committed to protecting our environment through the responsible management of its natural resources.


With steady investments in our infrastructure, we are committed to supplying our customers and partners well into the future.

We hang our hat on responsible stewardship of the precious resources Earth has to offer. At Simplot, our operations go above and beyond to help nature be more productive, efficient, and healthy. Learn more about sustainability at Simplot.

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